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The Certified Peer Support Leader training will teach you everything in the Teammate training, plus the really important things you need to know when managing a peer support team:

  • Selecting the right peer support teammates
  • Coordinating & managing team members
    • Supervising
    • Scheduling
    • Assigning roles
    • Finding strengths & weaknesses
    • Promoting teamwork
    • Team & individual resiliency
    • Sharing the load
    • Self-care
  • Earning team & leadership respect
  • Getting leadership support
  • Networking & connecting with outside resources


The Certified Peer Support Teammate training will teach all the essentials needed to be the best support possible:

  • Mental health fundamentals
  • Crisis / suicide intervention
  • Trauma on the job
  • Anxiety, Stress & Burnout
  • Depression
  • Earning peer respect
  • Group & individual debriefing (Post-Action Strategic Debriefing)
  • Networking & connecting with other peer support teams and leaders
  • Teammate self-care & accountability
  • Duties & roles of a peer support team (Crisis, Connection, Care & Camaraderie)
  • Boundaries & limitations
  • What to do when you don't know what to do

How the Programs Work:

The Certified Peer Support Leader and Teammate programs are online, on-demand, self-paced training programs with a certification exam required at the end.

Access Timeline: Both programs allow access for 90 days from the date of enrollment, and you must begin, and complete, the training program within that time frame for the best learning and retention possible. The training sessions are released gradually over the first 25 days of the program, with the remaining time to be used for catch-up and re-review of the material.

The Exam: After the 90 day program access ends, you will be enrolled in the examination and will have access for 30 days, with 2 attempts to pass. You must earn a 90% score or better in order to pass the examination and earn the certification.

Annual Renewal & CE: An annual certification renewal will be required, in order to remain an "active" CPSL or CPST.  The renewal fee is $25/annually. After the first year, active CPSL and CPST will be required to complete 1 hour of CE (continuing education), offered via our program, in order to qualify for the next year's renewal. This is to make sure our CPSL's and CPST's are staying current, informed, and continuously educated on peer support processes and resources. Each CE course fee is $25.

We Support You:  When you finish the CPSL or CPST training program and pass the exam, you will be given access to the Academy Hour phone app, at no additional cost.  This app will provide resources for your teammates, and will connect you to our Certified First Responder Counselors as an additional mental health support resource. The app will be for your peer support team only, but if you would like a department app, so that all personnel have access to resources at their fingertips and you can send out notifications, info, etc., we can help you with that as well, also at no cost to your department.

WARNING: We have included some difficult videos and stories which may cause trauma or act as post-trauma triggers to the viewer. We recommend debriefing with your own clinician periodically throughout the program.

Peer Support

From the ground up - How to select, build, train, manage, and lead a Peer Support team.

Peer Support

The mental health foundation, debrief processes, crisis intervention techniques, and support responsibilities to make you the most valued support possible for your peers.

Peer Support COWORKER

Designed for all personnel in public safety to help create a better understanding of the mental health challenges faced in the job.

Build, train, & grow a peer support team.

No matter where you are in your peer support team lifecycle, this training will help your peer support teammates, and leaders, to provide the very best possible support for their peers. Mental health foundational knowledge, team roles & duties, and organized and effective coordination are key elements of this training program.

Are you ready to build or grow a peer support team? 

Want to broaden and deepen your skill set for helping other first responders? 

Have questions or ideas for us?

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Certified Peer Support LEADER


What's Included

  • 24-hour Teammate training + 6-hour Leadership training
  • 90 Day Access
  • Examination
  • Academy Hour phone app
  • Online CPSLeader community
  • Online CPSTeammate community
  • Online CPSLeader, CPSTeammate and Certified First Responder Counselor combined community
  • Certificate of Completion & Certification upon passing exam
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Certified Peer Support TEAMMATE


What's Included:

  • 24-hour Teammate training 
  • 90 Day Access
  • Examination
  • Academy Hour phone app
  • Online CPSTeammate community
  • Certificate of Completion & Certification upon passing exam
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Peer Support COWORKER


What's Included:

  • 4-hour training 
  • 60 Day Access
  • Academy Hour phone app
  • Completion Certificate upon completion of the course

CLEET #23-00229

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