"I found this training to be extremely useful and informative. I believe what I have learned through this training, are things I will continue to use to improve as a peer support member and leader."

- Michelle A.


"I really like that the videos were broken down into short segments. This kept the learning going quickly and not too overwhelming."

-Justin C.

"I have taken the ICISF course for Peer support and I am currently the Peer team lead for my organization. I feel this course was much more in-depth and covered everything in detail. Well done!"

-Gary H. 

"Great course, great instruction, very informative. It's above any other course in peer support training I have attended. The resources and support behind the training and certification is what will be most useful."

-Devin D. 

"I am so thankful you provided this certification online. I have been wanting to do this training for awhile now and it couldn't have been offered at a better time. Ironically I have had to utilize this training this week and it was a much smoother situation than probably what would have been before I had received this training."

-Crystal L.

"I feel that the training was informative and thorough. All information provided I feel will be useful in the participation in my peer support program."

-Alfonso C.

"This class was very informative and easy to follow. I like that it is self-paced. The assessments require thoughtful reflection of the course."

-Tammy A.

"I feel the course was well done and the content was exactly what I was looking for with my department. "

-Joe T.

"This training was outstanding.  I now feel like I have a organized binder and Peer Support Team manual to reference.  Great training!"

-Michele K.

"I thought that it was an excellent program , anyone that does peer support work should take this course even if they do not go for certification it is very use full."

-Joseph S. 

"The CPST training is excellent. I have enjoyed the presentation and learned, how I can help myself and others, Thank you."

-Debbie R.

"I really enjoyed it. It was very informative  and I learned a lot."

-John K.

"Awesome program, highly recommend it."

-Carlo J.

"I appreciate the detail in how to best navigate as a Peer Support team member and the importance of a structured system.  Lots of great information!"

-Taylor P.

This was a phenomenal training. It was very helpful.

-Robert C.

Good Class. Great knowledge for those who want to help take care of coworkers.

-Lodus J.

Very informative and detailed. The pace was great for an online class; think that granting access to only a portion at a time is good to really make sure that the material is understood. Videos were appropriate and helped to reiterate important subject matter. Definitely worth the money and love the ability to access the training at my convenience. All of my questions were answered so quickly and staff was so professional. Looking forward to having access to additional resources for my department.

-Cheryl L.

I have absolutely flourished with knowledge with this training. I learned things that I can not only apply in my role as a peer support team member, but also as I assist those in crisis in the back of my ambulance. The training gave me an all new perspective on mental health and how to view it and address those in need.

-Danielle R.

This was a fantastic learning experience, I really felt that it helped me consolidate my training so far in a way that pulled all the pieces together!

-Heather C.

I learned so much from this training! Having worksheets really helped me absorb more information because of my learning style. I learned a lot throughout the course about myself and what I need to help make myself better and then also how to help others.

- Kylie C.

I've spend over a decade as a First Responder without any Peer Support Program and after going through this training, I don't understand why any agency would fail their employees so profoundly by not offering a program like this.

- Tyler W.

This is a great program. I found the information to be relevant and the PDF's and resources spot on.

-Bart W.

Excellent training that addresses all aspects of peer support. The self assessments were an outstanding component.

-George F. 

I've been a sworn LE for 25 years. I've lead our PEER support team for 11 years. I teach departments on how to set up their teams & all the inner workings. This is great training. So many departments think that peer support is about "critical incidents or OIS" . Its SO MUCH MORE! you all totally get it! Thank you!

Felicia L.